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Sh. Anand Swaroop

Sh. Anand Swaroop, IPS

The Inspectorate of Police Wireless, as it was known at the time of its inception, came into being on 19th February 1946 under the dual control of Home Department and DG Post & Air, rechristened as Directorate of Coordination Police Wireless in 1950 and brought under the control of the Ministry of Home Affairs. The need for central coordination and control of the Country’s Police Radio Communication was recognized by Department of Post and Air in 1942. The urgency of establishing such organization was duly emphasized upon in CID Conference (1942), Inter Departmental Board (1944), the IGP conference (1946) and with the active pursuance of Intelligence Bureau, the office of Wireless Inspectorate came into being 72 years ago, with Lt. Col T E Dobson of the Royal Signals being the first head of the Inspectorate. The initial responsibility of the Inspectorate was to Advice the provinces on technical matters of Police Wireless, Procure apparatus, Advice on general layout of wireless system, Train the operators, Liaise with different technical departments and tour the provinces to see their wireless layout. Initially the tools used were wireless telegraphy or morse code. Later an inter provincial grid was established through HF links. From 70s the use of teleprinter electromechanical devices to automated message switching system, packet radio and EPABX using PSTN modems to microwave links, digital radios, optical links, satellite links; we have come a long way albeit short of the international level. The Directorate operates POLNET, which will soon be replaced with state of the art POLNET-II, which we hope to start by the end of the year. We are also on way to “ Make in India”, indigenous satellite phone (GSAT 06) service with our satellite, hub, encryption and made in India handsets. The broadband PPDR (Public Protection and Disaster Relief) will soon be made available in India, as the Directorate is in hectic parleys with the stakeholders in harmonizing bands for broadband PPDR. The Directorate is seized with the drawback of lower data rate and bandwidth in the current setup.

A Central Police Radio Training Institute (CPRTI) was established in 1971 to train the police officials of not only India but other countries as well, in operation and maintenance of communication equipments and CIPHER system used by the police organizations. We will be opening three regional training centers very soon at Chandigarh, Kolkata and Bengaluru to provide easy accessibility to state of the art training facility to nearby states, work on which is already underway.

We are in the process of accelerating the digitization process in the Police Wireless Organizations by identifying standardization and optimizing the wireless technology. Our motto is to make the communication seamless.

Thank you!

(Anand Swaroop)

Director DCPW

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